Arcade Réception’s Pagodas are luxury reception tents.

With their graceful lines, they blend in perfectly everywhere, and if desired they can be joined to other structures or other tents to form a tent complex.

These Pagodas are perfect as entrances and welcome areas.

Alone or juxtaposed, they can be used for family gatherings, birthdays, receptions, and VIP villages.

If you want, our pagodas can be decorated with plain or sunburst drapery and have white sliding curtains and French or completely clear windows in order to create the atmosphere necessary for the success of your event.

As an option: for your convenience, we can install them, but also supply them with a floor laid directly on the ground or a cassette floor, lighting, tables, chairs, and heating.

A tent is much more versatile than a festival hall.

Plan pagode

Download the drawings in pdf format

Sizes available

9 m² (3x3)

25 m² (5 x 5)

100 m² (10 x 10)