Inflatable domes

An unexpected, last-minute event?
Arcade Réception has the equipment you need.

We are in a position to provide inflatable domes in diameters from 5 m to 20 m.

Our teams are very efficient, even when an event is planned in haste.

Our domes can be set up very quickly (approximately 30 minutes).

These products are used mainly for sports events, but can be adapted to all types of event.

To make your event stand out even more, the dome can be personalized with a logo, an ad, etc., as you can see in our photos.

The domes are 100% polyester and are highly resistant to water, to snow, and to ultraviolet light.

They are easier to heat than a conventional structure: because there are no corners, heat is distributed more evenly.

Plan dôme gonflable

Download the drawings in pdf format

Sizes available

From 5 m in diameter

to 20 m in diameter