A-frame structures

Arcade Réception offers an extensive range of aluminium A Frame structures.

These structures are used for most types of events, both professional and private.

Lengths in multiples of 5 m are available, except the 7 m span, available in lengths that are multiples of 3.50 m.

For the 15 m and 20 m spans, the side height can be 3 m or 4 m according to your needs.

The roof can be either opaque white or crystal clear PVC.

The walls may be composed of sliding curtains, thermoformed shell cladding, or glazed walls, accompanied by solid or glazed double doors.

Arcade Réception’s A-frames structures can be paired, but can also be mixed with structures of other types.

Sizes available

This structure is available in several different widths:

7m span

15m span

25m span

10m span

20m span