Pole tents

The graceful shapes of pole tents are the result of designs originally aimed as much at resistance to strong winds as to the attractive appearance of a blend of curves and valleys.
The Vésuve tent is white on the outside, with a black and yellow border inside.

To complete this tent, Arcade Réception can provide the floor, lighting, grandstands, heating, and so on.
The largest version of this tent can be transported in a single semi-trailer.

This is possible because its packaging has been optimized to cut transport costs and help limit pollution.

Plan chapiteau cirque 8 mats

Download the drawings in pdf format

Sizes available

This tent as available in different configurations according to your needs :

2 poles – 35m x 26m (910 m²)

6 poles – 35m x 54m (1 890 m²)

4 poles – 35m x 40m (1 400 m²)

8 poles – 35m x 68m (2 380 m²)