Structures with one or two upper storeys

To add height to your events, Arcade Réception proposes structures with one or two upper storeys.

The strong point of this structure is optimization of the spaces available.

It also provides unobstructed views.

The upper storey of this structure can be covered by different roof structures, such as a gable, arch, or pagoda roof.

Various accessories are available to finish this structure according to your wishes, such as a glazed panel, thermoformed shell cladding, doors, door overhangs, handrails for terraces/balconies, waterproof tarp on ground for open terrace, indoor and outdoor stairs, gutters, etc.

This structure will guarantee the success of your events.

Plan structure à étages

Download the drawings in pdf format

Sizes available

The configuration is available in several widths:

10m span

20m span

30m span

15m span

25m span

Different lengths are available to meet your needs, all multiples of 5 m.