Polygon structures

In this very large structure, you can install booths, grandstands, pagodas, or other features that will impose a form on your events.

And its pavilion roof gives it excellent acoustics.

Heights up to 14 m.

Arcade Réception can supply various accessories for the walls:

– PVC fabric with sliding curtains
– Thermoformed shell siding
– Glazed walls

The fabric is available in various colour schemes, for example:

– White inside and white outside
– White outside and black inside
– Crystal

Arcade Réception also provides optional accessories such as:
Double doors, door overhangs, gutter, etc.

The ideal space for major events (concerts, political meetings, fairs & exhibitions, conferences, shows, festivals, etc.)

Sizes available

For a new volume to a new dimension,the polygon structure is available in:

20m clear span

40m clear span

30m clear span

50m clear span