Arcade Réception has several types and grades of floors:

White pine floor laid directly on the ground, cassette floor, heavy cassette floor, etc.

  • White pine floor laid directly on the ground : this floor does not mask the imperfections of the ground, but can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Cassette floor : This can bear a load of 500 kg per m².
    Our cassette floor system lets us install our structures on any type of ground and take out up to 80cm of difference in ground level.

    This floor can be ballasted to 550 kg per slab, so anchoring is not mandatory. With this option, there will be no deterioration of the place of installation.

  • Heavy cassette floor : this floor is made up of 5 m x 2.50 m slabs weighing 550 kg each and can bear a load of 700 kg per m².
    This floor is handled by lift truck. Installing it is easy and rapid. This floor system also makes it unnecessary to anchor some structures.

Sizes available